Exhibition 9250

Last week our class held a fabulous exhibition at Edge of the Wedge in Southsea, where we exhibited our book covers from our first project. I’ve had my work in exhibitions before but had never helped to organise one so it was a great experience. Some of us also chose to sell some of our work at the venue, including myself. Running the stall with me were the talented Tabby Penrose and Alice Tucker who were selling original drawings, stickers and prints.

I sold my T-shirts, stickers and some home made collaged cards made from vintage clippings from a Parisian Market and antique shop postcards. The T-shirts proved to be popular and I ended up making £50! That was a huge help as I was running seriously low on funds due to spending far too much of my student loan on prosecco…

There was also live music from Impossible Monsters and Hallan, both of which were great to hear live. My friend Ollie took charge of filming the event which I tried my best to help with at times (to a very low standard due to my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to cameras).  I look forward to the next exhibition we hold as a class and would love to run a stall again as I had a great time and has furthered my confidence in myself that my work is saleable.

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