Trip to the seaside galleries in Portsmouth

As a class we recently took a trip to some galleries by the seaside in Portsmouth as part of our Professional Practice module. It was interesting to see the different array of styles each little gallery worked in, some very realistic and other more cartoony and stylised, and I gained some insight into how to price my own work and how to consider setting up my own temporary gallery at some point.

My favourite gallery enticed me in with adorable cat cushions peering out of the window and sweet designs of mushrooms and toadstools adorning the window display. As I walked through the door I realised the artist, Kim Edith, was giving a small talk to the portion of the class already inside. She spoke about her own style of working called ‘stitchbooking’ and told us about how much she charges for each different piece she makes and why.

I found a card with the same illustration of toadstools from the window, all individually crafted from different textiles and beads (first image) . I ended up buying it and became inspired to create my own version digitally, using different mushrooms but the same idea of having them colourful and in different rows. (second image) I then used the illustration as part of my recent project as it fits in with the theme of fairy tales.

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